How to make your web site search engine friendly?

    If you want to be at the top or near the top of search engines listings, you need to tailor your page to search engine liking. Here are some suggestions for doing this.

      1. Content.

      Use fresh content. If you want people to come to your site and keep coming back, you need to give them a reason to. That reason is content. The fresher the content the better and the more reasons your vistor will have to visit your site and the sooner they will return.

      2. Use key words in the metatags

      3. Select your keywords carefully.

      This is a major step to a successful website promotion. When you are deciding on your keywords, it is important to think like your customers. Imagine that you're one of your customers and you're looking for your type of product or service, what keyword(s) would you use to do your search? Chances are, your customers will use the same. Think of as many keywords as you can that even slightly resembles the type of product or service that you are offering. List these keywords in order of priority. Take these keywords and visit all the major search engines and do searches for each one and see what comes up. Pay special attention to the description in each of the top listings and chances are your likely to find some new keywords you may not have thought of.

      Here is some other guidelines for choosing your key words:
      - Try to limit your keywords to 200 words or less.
      - Don't repeat the same keyword more than 3 times
      - Don't list the same keywords next to each other (you could possibly get penalized for this).

      Another thing you to will want to do when selecting your key words is add the letter 's' to the end of all your keywords (or add the appropriate plural form to the word). The reason this is important because most people search for keywords in their plural form. If all your keywords are in their singular form, your page will not be listed when they search for in the plural form. The The plural form will allow your page to be listed when both the singular and plural forms are searched for.

      4. Change your titles regularly.

      By doing this, each time the robot/spider visits your page and sees a different title it will think it's a new page and treat it as such by indexing it again. Now you have more than one listing for the same page! By changing your title periodically your page can be resubmitted and re-indexed multiple times by the search engines. Use careful judgement when resubmitting the same page several times. Some consider this use of the search engines impolite or unfair.

      5. Don't use frames.

      Most of the major search engines can not follow frames links. If you must use frames make sure you use meta tags and or submit multiple pages to the search engines that do not have frames but have text links instead.

      6. Be honest.

       One of the most important things to do is to be honest. Don't try to spam or trick search engines, because in the end this will most likely backfire and you won't be included on the search engine. The best thing is to actually use relevant keywords you want your page to be searchable under.


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